Daily Walks

Daily walks for your dog can be scheduled according to how much exercise your dog requires.  We will walk for 30 min, 45 min or 60 min increments.  See our pricing here.


Did you Know:
  • Exercise can improve your dog’s bone and joint health, and heart and lung function.
  • Your dog should have at least two exercise sessions per day – ranging from 15-60 minutes.
  • Read more about keep your dog healthy here.
  • Exercise can improve your dog’s behavior.

Yard Clean Up

While we are visiting with your dog, we are responsible for cleaning up after your dog.  However, if you just can’t stand to scoop the poop (like my friend Courtenay, she always gags), we are happy to do so for you.  See our pricing here.

Puppy Care

New puppy’s need a little extra care.  Leaving them home for too long can lead to anxiety and make house breaking a little more challenging that it can already be.  We will drop in as needed to make sure your little one gets the potty breaks he needs.

Evening Care

Having a late night at the office, work party you need to attend or a client in town you need to entertain, no worries, we are here to check on the furball for you.  Preferably 24 hr notice required for non regularly scheduled visits.  Call Jami directly @ 248.935.9584

Medication Administration

(Some restrictions apply)  Call for more details.

Potty Breaks

Sometimes medication or age affects your dogs need for that extra potty break. That’s where we drop in to make sure no accidents happen.

Play Dates

Experts say that every dog should have some weekly playtime with other dogs.  Not only is it healthy exercise to play with other dogs, but it’s great for socialization.  If your dog has a best friend in the neighborhood, we can arrange a playdate, whether it be in the backyard or at a local dog park.  We can be flexible, just give us a call.

Swim Sessions

Is your dog scared of the water?  Have a young puppy you want introduced to the water early on so they can grow up loving the water?  Have an older dog with a bit of arthritis who prefers to swim rather than run these days?  No problem.  We can accommodate any type of swimmer.  We can even teach your dog to sit and stay on your paddleboard.  Call us for more details. (Swimming is of course seasonal)